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        • 型號:
        • 制式:
        • 頻段:
        • 發射功率:
        • 接收靈敏度:
        • 尺寸:


                                        Analog Two Way Radio IC


        •      World wide band: 128 ~ 590 MHz
          ? 12.5/25 kHz channel spacing
          ? On chip 5 dBm RF PA
          ? 3.0 V to 3.6 V power supply
          ? CTCSS tone receiver with up to parallel eight frequency detector
          ? 23/24 bit programmable DCS code
          ? Standard DTMF and programmable in-band dual tone
          ? SELCALL and programmable in-band single tone
          ? 1.2/2.4 kbps FSK data modem with either F2D or F1W modulation type
          ? Frequency inversion scrambler
          ? Voice activated switch (VOX) and time-out timer
          ? RF Signal strength measurement and signal quality measurement
          ? TX Audio signal strength indication and RX audio signal strength indication
          ? 3-wires interface with MCU with maximum 8 Mbps clock rate
          ? QFN 4x4 32-Pin package


        1.      Personal Radio Service
          ? Baby Monitor
          ? Toys

        General Description

                 The BK4815N is a half duplex TDD FM transceiver operating from 124 MHz to 560 MHz band for worldwide personal radio.

        Besides speech communication, theBK4815N on-chip FSK data modemsupports F2D and F1W emission to be used in both FRS and DPMR band for text

        message and GPS information exchange. The BK4815N is a complete, small form factor solution optimized for low-power,low-cost,

        and highly integrated mobile and portable consumer electronic devices, requiring only a few external decoupling capacitors and an external inductor for input matching.



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